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HMIs, human machine interfacesPanel PC ET/MT-4x6...Assembly


The Panel PC devices can be installed in

control cabinet doors

operating panels or

our standard enclosures.


Assembly and disassembly are subject to general technical rules. Additional, specific safety regulations apply to electronic and pneumatic installations. In Germany, for example, these include the BGI 547 (Information on and principles of workplace safety and health issued by the Government Safety Association) and the BetrSichVer (Betriebsicherheitsverodnung - Occupational Safety and Health).


When selecting where to instal the device, the following issues should be considered:

Optimum height for access to the device

Proper lighting conditions to ensure good display legibility

The mounting surface should be level, smooth and stable

If ambient temperature is high, there should be provision for ventilation

Avoid mounting in the immediate vicinity of switching or current converter circuits.




When mounting the device, ensure there is sufficient Installation space!


By this we mean the space around the HMI that MUST BE kept free. No objects impeding the free circulation of air must protrude into this space. From this, you can deduce the minimum distance to the side walls of the installation cabinet or operating panel.


Operator station BtnSymbol
Bracket mounting BtnSymbol
Panel mount BtnSymbol






Cut out BtnSymbol
Assembly bracket BtnSymbol
Installation space BtnSymbol
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