Labelling strips xT-x06

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HW Rev. 1 and 2 only


The labelling strips are for an individual labelling of ET/MT-406 HMI function keys.


The labeling strips can be exchanged at the rear of the device (lower side).


First, remove the cover plates of the fixing groove of the HMI (located immediately behind the front plate)

Remove strips carefully with tweezers. Under no circumstances insert pointed tools into the slit as this may damage the covering foil!

Label the strips

Reinsert them carefully (at an angle of about 45 degrees to the front panel)

Do not exert any pressure on the front plate

Cutting the corners will facilitate reinsertion.



For the labelling strips, only use polyester foil of a thickness of 150µm.



The labelling strips must not get trapped between the mounting wall and the rubber seal of the device.



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