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The installation space is vital for ensuring stability and tightness of the mounted device.


Ensure you leave sufficient installation space for the Eagle, Panel PC and Thin Client devices.


Mount the device using all provided fasteners and the assembly bracket:


The assembly bracket MUST be used to ensure the safe and correct installation of the HMI.

A suitable assembly bracket with 10 (ET/MT-406, ET/MT-416, ET/MT-436) or 12 (ET/MT-456) fasteners is available for each type of enclosure.

Fix the brackets in the corresponding gaps of the fixing groove.


Optimum sealing:


Tighten the screws lightly.

Check the position of the device, ensuring above all that the entire HMI is correctly positioned.

Now tighten the screws of the fasteners with a tightening torque of between 7,5 and 8,5 Nm Nm.



To maintain protection type IP 65, please ensure the following:

The device was mounted on a plain and smooth surface.

The device was mounted  by an expert.


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