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HMIs, human machine interfacesKVM-Systems, ET/MT-6x8...Assembly ET- / MT - 6x8 DevicesPanel MountAssembly


Insert the device into the cut-out of the control panel (cabinet).




Centre the device on the horizontal plane.

Slide the pre-mounted frame over the device.




Grease the M6x12 screws.

Position the frame so that its holes are flush with the threaded holes.

Proceeding from the inside to the outside, insert the screws.

Proceeding from the inside to the outside, tighten the screws with (1.5 Nm…2 Nm).




Now use the eight hexagonal screws SW10 (see A to D)) to fix the frame with (1.5 Nm…2 Nm).




Tighten the screws (E) slightly in 1-16 sequence.

Check they are positioned correctly and then tighten the screws (E) in sequence 1-16 (1.5Nm ... 2Nm)





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