WLAN antenna holder

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VESA antenna holder


The VESA antenna holder consists of 2 parts:


1.The tube holder with 2 drilled holes (3) for two antennae
















2.The VESA holder for mounting in the VESA threaded holes at the HMI



Assembly holder to VESA threads


The VESA holder is mounted at the threaded holes at the HMI with 4x M8 screws.




1.The HMI used here as an example is an xT-438 (HMIs with bigger displays vary slightly from the diagram)

2.VESA holder with mounting bolt for tube holder

3.M6 washer

4.Split washer for screw locking

5.M8x20 screw



A.Position the VESA holder (2) at the device so that all drilled holes are aligned with the threaded holes at the HMI.

B.Slide the split washer (4) onto the M8 screw (5)

C.Slide the washer (3) onto the M8 screw (5)

D.Screw the M8 screw into the threaded hole



Tube holder to antenna holder


The tube holder (1) is attached to the VESA holder (2) by means of the threaded bolts (5), 2 toothed washers each (6), 2x washers (7) and M5 nuts (9).



1.The tube holder with 2 holes (3) for the insertion of two antennae

2.VESA holder

3.Hole (3) for fixed installation

4.Elongated hole (4) for variable adjustment of the antenna(e)

5.Threaded bolt for mounting the tube holder

6.2x M5 toothed washer

7.2x washer

8.2x split washer

9.2x M5 nuts



A.Place 1 toothed washer (6) over each threaded bolt (5) {see image on the left}

B.Place the tube holder (1) onto the VESA holder (2)



C.Slide one washer (7) over each threaded bolt (5)



D.Slide one split washer (8) over each threaded bolt (6)



E.Screw the tube holder onto the VESA holder using the two nuts (9)




Mount the antenna



1.Tube holder

2.Toothed washer

3.Fixing nut of the antenna

4.Plug of the antenna connection cable









A.Unscrew the fixing nut (3) from the antenna

B.Slide the toothed washer (2) from the thread of the antenna

C.Insert the antenna with its thread into one of the tube holder's (1) holes

D.Slide the toothed washer (2) over the antenna's thread from below

E.Screw the fixing nut (3) onto the thread from below and tighten it

F.Now screw the plug (4) of the antenna cable onto the antenna


Mounting cable clips:



1.Antenna(e) cable

2.Cable clip




















A.Place the antenna cable across the VESA holder as shown

B.Place the cable clip (2) over the antenna cable so that the drilled hole is aligned with the tread

C.Slide the split washer and then the washer over the screw

D.Now screw the cable clip onto the HMI

E.Insert the antenna cables into the cable gland(s) included in the delivery

F.Screw the coax plug (to the X36 and X37 terminals ) in the HMI


Symb_ExtKaptlExpand to the X36 and X37 terminals


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