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At its back, the device has four 8 mm (10Nm) threads for the installation of a VESA 200 mount for flexible mounting options.




Mounting the VESA mount:


You may use any commercially available VESA200 mount for mounting the devices.


The following requirements must be met:

a.The weight limit must be greater than the total weight of the device + any optional accessories (canopy, keyboard).

b.The mount must keep a minimum distance to the wall of 52 mm.

c.The diameter of the mounting holes at the VESA200 mount must be at least 8 mm.

d.The permitted bending radius of the cables is adhered to.



Mount in vibration-free and shock-free environment only.


Please make sure that the strength of the VESA holder matches

the weight of the device and there peripherals (like keyboard).



Use washers and locking rings for mounting the device.



Take note of any additional mounting requirements stated for the specific VESA200 mount you are using.



Make sure you read the notes in chapter (Installation Space ).


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