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The firmware is coded as a bitmap; in the case of the menu update this bitmap does not have a red margin. This bitmap must be opened on the local PC to enable the update.



This update function is only possible via a DVI video signal !


Step-by-step instructions:



1.Once you have downloaded the bitmap, open it via "Preview" in the context menu (right mouse-click on the image). This ensures that the bitmap image is in the centre of the screen.




2.The bitmap of the update will pop up.




3.Do not move the image.
4.Make sure that the mouse pointer is positioned outside the image.
5.Switch off the HMI for a couple of seconds and then switch it back on again.
6.Now push Scroll 5 times.




7.The set-up menu screen will now pop up.




8.Enter "U" to start the update function.
9.The update will now be carried out.
10. Once the update has been completed, re-start all devices (DVI3 + KVM box + host).
11.The device is now ready to run with the new firmware.




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