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The Firmware is coded as a Bitmap-picture, in case of the Emergency-Version this Bitmap has got a red edge. This picture has to be opened on the local PC, to enable the update.


How to do, step-by-step:


1.Select the correct Firmware-bitmap,

LWL= Fiber optic connection

Copper =  Cat-7 copper connection

Open the file by clicking on “Preview” in the context menu (right mouseclick on image).


2.Place the bitmap in the middle of the screen. The screen-settings must be:

- Unscaled picture

- Digital Videosignal (no VGA)


3.The picture should look like the one shown here:




4.Please note that the mousepointer must be placed outside.
5.Unplug the USB-connection between the Host-PC and the DVI-3 KVM-Box.




6.Power-cycle (Power off,Power on) the KVM-Box and wait for approx. 1 minute, the update will start automatically.




7.When you see the above message, the update will start.






8.After the update was successful, the system will reboot.




9.Check if both local & remote version match (12xx)  .




10. Close the picture for the emergency update after the update was performed to prevent a second start from the Update.
11. Connect the USB Cable to KVM Box.






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